Invitation to the Table

If I weren't to mention that my background in social work informs my art and my world view, you might not know what's cooking!

Acrylics on canvas. 14" x 11" x 0.5"

Colorful Commentary

Colorful Commentary

A social worker is a professional who supports and accompanies vulnerable people through difficult transitions and challenges.

Social workers are taught and reminded of the importance of self-care in avoiding burn-out and practicing sustainably.

How is a social worker to balance the stress and trauma encountered in their clients' lives while also coping with their own personal journey?

Welcome to this one social worker's colorful commentary on that very effort.

When I'm not taking pictures, or spending time with my family, you're likely to find me in front of a canvas.

Mapping Time and Space

You are invited to the table! Pull up a chair and join the feast!

What do you do when...?

... you are a social worker and your husband cheerfully asks you, "so, how was YOUR day, Honey?"

What do you do when...?

... you're exhausted from trying to make sense of what the bloody mess is all about?!

Acrylics on canvas. 36" x 36" x 1.5"