October 3, 2020

In Lieu of Oktoberfest 2020: 'German Cold Cuts International' Needs Our Support Now!

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My first taste of Germany was off of Topanga Canyon Blvd. in Woodland Hills!

I discovered German Cold Cuts International during high school in the late 1980s while searching not for beer or bratwurst, but 'Ravioli,' a popular German sitcom about kids left home alone while their parents go on vacation. (Hey! Now there's an idea for a movie..!)

Lucky for me, owner Ursula Rahn not only had 'Ravioli' to offer; she also cared about my wanting to learn German, generously letting me and my best friend borrow the 'Ravioli' VHS tapes whenever they weren't rented out.

I have never forgotten her kindness and support.

It has been a minute, and German Cold Cults International SHOULD have celebrated its 46th anniversary on October 1st, 2020: "This is the first time ever that I haven't celebrated," Ursula shared with me today. "Thanks to COVID-19 hitting everyone even harder now, I don't know how much longer we will be able to stay open."

San Fernando Valley Friends!

All People Who Love AMAZING Deli Sandwiches!

Oktoberfest Fans!

Chocolate lovers!

Bread worshippers! (Kosher options available)

Cheese devotees!

The Wurst here is the BEST!

Please get thy selves quickly over to 6019 Topanga Canyon Blvd. C., Woodland Hills, 91367, Tuesday - Saturday between 9.30 a.m. and 4 p.m.

Tel. (818) 883-8051

Masks and social distancing required and enforced.


This photo was taken pre-COVID!