October 11, 2020

Bar Mitzvah? CAR Mitzvah! Simchat Torah at Valley Beth Shalom

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On Turning Endings Into Beginnings

During today's online celebration of Simchat Torah, Valley Beth Shalom senior rabbi, Ed Feinstein, noted that "Jews are experts at turning endings in to beginnings."

Simchat Torah (Hebrew for 'Rejoicing with the Torah') commemorates the epic celebratory moment each year when the Jewish cyclical reading of the Torah, or Hebrew bible, closes with Deuteronomy and begins anew with the first words of Genesis.

Valley Beth Shalom also invited the community at large to drive through the synagogue parking lot at 4 p.m. for a CAR MITZVAH -- the opportunity to get close to the parchment Torah scroll in person, with all COVID-precautions in place. Rabbi Ed Feinstein and Rabbi Ari Taff pictured here.


For more information and / or to participate in future celebrations, visit vbs.org